Knowing Xavier |editing|

Knowing Xavier |editing|

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Daisy By ScarlettBlackDaisy Completed

| a true story in which a broken boy hides in the shadows until the light finds him |

You know what they say about Xavier?

The bruises on his body? Probably a result of his underground fighting. The scowl on his face? Definitely to warn people to stay away. His deteriorating grades? Obviously maintaining the bad boy façade. The silence he rarely breaks? Clearly so that he doesn't spill his secrets. He's cold. He's fucked up. He's an asshole. Or so they say.

They think they know Xavier. They sure as hell don't.

It takes one glimpse of Xavier's reality for Haley to realize nobody knows the person they all think they know. Nobody knows the frightened little boy hiding behind the cool façade, the silence brimming with unuttered screams, the grey eyes concealing all that pain. 

Nobody knows Xavier. But maybe Haley can. And maybe she can save him.

| Book I in the True Stories Series |