Reincarnation of a modern Swordsman  ~  Dragons Evolution! but why am i a Girl ?

Reincarnation of a modern Swordsman ~ Dragons Evolution! but why am i a Girl ?

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dominicpaul123 By dominicpaul123 Updated Jul 26

On the way home from school Satou Reigen a normal highschooler on the outside walking normally home from school accidentally saw a group of black clothed men trying to kidnapped a young girl who look likes a daughter of a  wealthy family Reigen driven by his sense of justice immediately tried to save the girl but the men who are trying to kidnapped the girl has guns in a situation like this a normal person would have been scared and run away already but Reigen ain't not a normal highschooler he is a master swordsman and martial artist who was trained by his family very strictly his family are practitioners of ancient swordsmanship and martial artist that for generations have trained and improved their own art to the strongest of all martial arts and Reigen is the only son that had fully master their ancient arts of this generation Reigen was able to save the girl and defeat mostly of all the kidnappers but unfortunately a bullet of a sniper rifle killed him in the end 

Reigen suddenly became conscious again in a blank white space that is limitless and vast a voice was suddenly heard " child you will be rewarded for sacrificing your life for the young girl because of what you did the advancement of humanity would not proceed this easily that is why you are rewarded with a second chance in life decide and create your own fate young mortal " 
A young dragon one's weak now have climbed to the rank's of strongest dragon a female dragon worthy of the {Lightning Empress} the strongest dragon that is named as {Raikiri Raiko} 

Hello guys these is dominicpaul123 this is my first own original story so I'm sorry for any wrong grammars or spelling that you will find thank for reading this book bye.

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She was crying before he did something stupid so no effect on me. If she was shocked and worried before this would be more deep.
brayan2310 brayan2310 Jun 06
I though you said he kinda had some girlish features. All  I see is a man 1% less handsome than me.
Lazarus- Lazarus- Jun 14
Please add the , and . and i would love to read you'r story.
No one noticed that bullets travel faster than sound in most cases
I really heat dense MC .... the more dense . The more I want to hit him
                              And the worst part that the MC is always smart.... i just don't know how the author thinking
andhanz5id andhanz5id Oct 10
wtf. Satou Reigen right ?  Japanese name ppl w/ 175cm is short ? Srsly.