A Game with Death

A Game with Death

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ingenuitymeetsvision By ingenuitymeetsvision Updated Mar 21, 2013

No one wants to live in a dangerous world. To be a gangster. To live in a life full of death threats and have hands occupied with innocent blood. We all want to be safe. To be with our families. To be happy. What if your parents lead a Mafia and trains you to be the next leader? And what would happen if you find yourself falling in love with someone who shares the same hazardous life with you? Only that, you don't kill the others together. Your destinies tell the both of you to kill each other. For the pride of the family. The honor of the Mafia.

How could you love someone who plays the same game? A game where neither of you knows who will survive. One has to win and live. One has to lose and die. A game where neither of you wants to play. It's a very risky game.

A Game with Death.

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