The Curl Next Door (Larry Stylinson AU)

The Curl Next Door (Larry Stylinson AU)

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Bullshipper By Larrys_Fairy Updated Oct 31

Louis is only 15. His mind is in the clouds and there's no sign of him returning to normalcy any time soon. He's always the bubbly, friendly type of guy. He's always teased for wearing his flower crowns, but he never pays attention to those people. 

But what happens when he moves next door and has a perfect view of the window of the bedroom next door? He better hold tight to his flowers, because he's about to take the ride of his life when he meets the curl next door.   

Harry is your typical 17-year-old. He feels he owns the world, treating everyone like a chew toy. After the death of his father, he was searching. He didn't know where his mind was going, so he chose to just give up. One piercing led to another, resulting in clusters and clusters of tattoos. Nobody can change him. His sister and mother have already tried. Harry's lost. But can blue eyes and flower crowns find him, or is he gone forever?  

*Mind you this is an AU. So if you don't like older, punk!harry and younger, flowerchild!louis then this isn't for you.*

I would prefer the other way around but I don't care Larry is Larry and I'm excited to read this
I want cupcakes now.... glad I'm on fall break so I can bake some tomorrow (:
LexKitten04 LexKitten04 Oct 18
Keep telling yourself that, Harold. Maybe you'll start to believe it when you're not having eye sex with him.
irishnandos112 irishnandos112 Dec 29, 2015
I wuv this story!!! It's right next from my love for 'After' Larry stylinson style 😉😉