Under My Mask (a Kakashi love story) | Editing

Under My Mask (a Kakashi love story) | Editing

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Sonia 🌸 By lSoniaBladel Updated Feb 21

*Disclaimer: I do not own the photo(s) used in the cover! But I did make the cover.*

Claire is a Senju, who grew up traveling as an ANBU. She is sent on a few missions with Kakashi and they both realized that they knew each other as kids. They became closer and closer until they were inseparable. Then by undercover order of the Hokage, Claire was to ease the pain in Kakashi's heart, by playing the role of his lover, but what if Kakashi finds out that it was an order? Will he believe that she truly does love him?

[A/N: I'm editing the story so some chapters may be more well written than others, sorry about that.]

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YoshiPrincess YoshiPrincess Oct 22, 2017
*shades appear on his face* damn, it feels good to be a gangster
YoshiPrincess YoshiPrincess Oct 22, 2017
You pervert but then again, we are all perverts 😂😂😂😂
YuiHasNoLife YuiHasNoLife Sep 22, 2016
AnimeFreakReader AnimeFreakReader Aug 01, 2016
For a second I thought this was still Kakashi's point of view and I just mumbled to myself. "Secretly? Secretly, secretly my aśś Kakashi. People know you're pervy like how they know you wear clothes."
peachieapples peachieapples Jul 11, 2016
Doesn't everyone have that secret perverted-- ness (XD) in them?😂
R-E-Dvelvetcake2040 R-E-Dvelvetcake2040 Jul 16, 2016
hahahahahahahaahah OMG I DIED gravity defying hair ( dramatic fainting )