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A Different Kind of Love

A Different Kind of Love

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Victoria Lutton By VictoriaLutton Updated Jun 03, 2012

"Watch where you're going!" A voice spat at me, and before I knew it, I collided with someone and fell to the ground.  I groaned as the pain reached my temples.  Rubbing them til' the pain ceased, I looked up to see the person standing up.  He was tall, standing about six feet high.  His dark chocolate brown hair cascaded beneath his ears, curling slightly at the ends.  His face was heart shaped, and quite masculine, his cheekbones high.  His eyes- though- made something in my body turn and make loops.  The color was a mix of green and-- yellow?-- and brown.  'My God, he's beautiful,' I thought to myself.

He dusted himself off, then looked at me without expression.  He gave me his hand, in which I took, and then lifted me up from the ground.  "Sorry, I didn't mean to-" He rudely interrupted, saying, "-- Didn't mean to what? Not look what was in front of you?" I stared at him in bafflement as he stared back at me, sending daggers with his eyes.  And then he left.

He walked right past me and when I turned around to watch him leave, not once did he turn around.