My Warrior Mate ✅

My Warrior Mate ✅

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Valerie De Gale lived her life in New Orleans, Louisiana along with her pack, Crescent Sky.  She lived in a place where Vampires, Werewolves, Faes and Witches were the talk of the town as it was normal.  It was the number one place where the supernatural resided. It was the gates between the two worlds resulting in it being called "The Gates."    

 One day in the woods, her secret gets out. She was blessed by the moon goddess by being a gold wolf- a Warrior, a descendant of a once powerful wolf bloodline that has been wiped out for years.Now she flees for her life from vampire, town leader, Marcel as he takes a liking to the little she-wolf.

 As she escapes something else surprises her- her Mate.

 What then happens to this she-wolf? Who will win? Who will get hurt? Who will die?

Last Cover by: @Aphrodite270 
Cover by: @Witchoria

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- - May 30, 2017
I love that song aswell ! Currently one of my favourite songs
MsGirlEV MsGirlEV Apr 23, 2017
I clicked on this since it's not one of those gosh-ridden special white wolf stories
Blackmt64 Blackmt64 Mar 12, 2017
Love it one of my fave imagine dragon songs. Love that band! Like truthfully hell seen. Them 3 times in concert. Helppppp
asli180 asli180 Apr 20, 2016
Lool😂 this is similar to the originals (series) some of the casts and even the name Marcel
vixenkiller vixenkiller Jan 25, 2016
Bruhhhh imagine dragons are my drug, and as I was reading that, i was listening to that song.
BeyondITheIScenes BeyondITheIScenes May 18, 2015
This is super cool because I live about 15 minutes from New Orleans!