May In The Wastelands

May In The Wastelands

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Megan By MeganLin90 Updated Jun 16, 2018

May, an 18 year old with scoliosis in a future divided by two classes, must learn to trust a rebel leader of a different class if she wants to save her family from labor camps.

This is a Young Adult Science Fiction novel with a bit of romance and a lot of heart.

Book 1 of the Kazar Series. Book 2 is Seeking The North Star (in progress).

Appropriate for ages 13 and up.

Trigger warnings: Labor camps, violence, and brief mentions of sexual assault.

8/29/2018 Featured on the Wattpad Hot List
7/5/2018 #3 on the Science Fiction Hot List

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HighSt0rm HighSt0rm Sep 23, 2018
The moment I read that the protagonist had scoliosis, I couldn't help but strain my finger for clicking on it so fast. I am a 14-year old with a 38-degree curve in my lower spine. So yes, I have scoliosis and I certainly hope this story covers how terrible it can be.
WinterLuna12 WinterLuna12 Sep 08, 2018
I just want to thank you for writing this, I've had scoliosis for two years now and until now I have never read about a character with scoliosis. I just wanted to let you how much it means to me.
twylarae twylarae Oct 09, 2018
This sounds like such a unique story! And I love the name of it. Looking forward to reading. 👍
Fluffyboobookins Fluffyboobookins Sep 09, 2018
I was diagnosed with scoliosis about 8 or 9 years ago. I had to wear a Boston brace for 2 1/2 years while I went through puberty. Now my scoliosis is stable. I may have to have surgery later in life though. I hate having scoliosis. It’s awful and my back hurts almost everyday.
KoolKarma21 KoolKarma21 Sep 06, 2018
Hey!  new here
                               just like to know before I read did you do your cover or you had someone do it?
- - Sep 02, 2018
This so sweet and a great way to memorialize your friend <3 I have scoliosis as well but it's not very severe, and I've heard of how painful it is when it's really bad. Congrats on making the longlist :)