Flawless | ✔

Flawless | ✔

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Lydia Rose By littletroublemaker_ Completed

"Losing yourself is the easy part, it's finding yourself again that's hard." 


Hollywood. When you think of the word, you think of glitz, glam, and perfection. You think of rich and flawless people who are admired by all. 

But everyone knows Hollywood has a dark side. 

Anastasia Claire ran. Ran from the pain of everything. She left her family and friends after giving up and became someone new. She became the world famous Whitney Winters. 
But when her manager tells her she has to visit her old high school where her worst moments were, Whitney has to face everything she ran from. Her crush, her friends, her family, and her bullies.

Can she keep her head high? Can she face them? And can she maintain her flawless act?