Invader [Wattys Longlist, Complete]

Invader [Wattys Longlist, Complete]

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Marjory Kaptanoglu By marjoryk Completed

[Wattys2018 Longlist] 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE meets THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. When a woman washes up on a Pacific island with no memory of who she is, she helps the island's only other inhabitant to defend against a hostile alien, but contradictions in the man's story make her question the reality of her perceptions.

TOP 3 FINALIST in the Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest (for the screenplay version of INVADER)

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  • dystopian
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reynoldsjames reynoldsjames May 24, 2018
The lack of memory thing is always compelling to me. Reading next part now.
Ellamarck Ellamarck Jun 06, 2018
Wonderful start to your story, i'm already hooked, i'm gonna happily add your story to my to read list.
anupamarc anupamarc Dec 01, 2018
did she tell her name or he knew already. You are already making me ask tons of questions :)
Athaja Athaja Aug 24, 2018
How can he know her name, but not know what happened to her? =_=
EvelynHail EvelynHail Aug 23, 2018
So they know each other? Interesting. I wonder whether they are a couple, relatives, acquaintances... He seems to know her name.
                              I mean, he might lie about his name but why would he invent her own name xD
                              Maybe he is into roleplay.
anupamarc anupamarc Dec 01, 2018
I liked the premise of this story. Thought will continue with this one. You were on the top 3 of the screen writing award? Wow.