Keep Cool • JB • 1

Keep Cool • JB • 1

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PLEASE NOTE: this story was written ages ago, so my writing style has changed and improved quite a bit since then. (notice date: March 2016). 
"The tables have turned"

Mia Blake works on her Dad's Safari Resort in Mozambique, Africa, she has a pretty normal day routine but it gets turned upside down when the famous Justin Bieber and his friends come to stay for a month at the resort.   

Justin isn't what she expected. She had heard stories about him being a romantic, seductive guy that could coax a girl into bed with just a look...  

However, when they finally meet.. the tables change. Seems like Justin's trying his best to catch her attention, than the other way round.   He's gotta try his best to Keep Cool.  

 [Warning: Contains strong language, sexual scenes and some references to drugs.]   [Notice: Restricted scenes are only available to me and my followers. You must follow me to be able to read the dirty scenes lol, sorry. ]

jdbftcurry jdbftcurry Sep 13
The first time I actually heard someone use this as an insult was when I was watching 'Skins' and then I started using it lol
alicia24019 alicia24019 Aug 21
I feel so messed up because I'm thinking about Mia as Justin's daughter from another story😁😷
Selena I love you so so so so much..............but why are you here
rauhlox rauhlox Oct 31
selena my babyyy love youu but must you always be with justin ?
Morganb24 Morganb24 Sep 23
Y'all need to get over the whole "Selena's always the bad guy" obviously it's fiction and it's not a jelena story. They gotta make the story interesting and plot twisty somehow. Y'all gotta chillllll
I love Selena Gomez, can't imagine her acting like this in the book so imma pretend it's Sofia Richie