Percy Jackson And The New Dimension

Percy Jackson And The New Dimension

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Manny B By Poseidons_other_son Updated Feb 23

New version of Polygamy? A Percy Jackson Story

An epic new entry in the Percy Jackson Story taking place after the second giant war.

"You guys need to find some senior campers and protect each other!" Percy yelled. Blood was sprinkled on their faces, wild, far cast gazes were visible on all of them. They nodded and ran as fast as they could.

He wanted to go with them to make sure they would be okay but he knew the path he has to go down. It was no place anyone should go. He sprinted onward.

He surveyed the area until he saw more people in need. This time it was three girls from camp Jupiter circled by a band of Laistrygonian Giants. 

Percy jumped over them cutting the head off one, intentionally landing on his back. He twisted his body on his arms sweeping all the giants off their feet. He popped back up and sliced the other giants into dust.

"Don't make a damn move demigod or I swear I'll cut her pretty little neck!" 

Percy looked up and saw the last giant with one of the girls held fast in his arms, a slimy, jagged blade presses tight to her throat.

He looked to the other girls. "Run! Now!"

They fled quickly screaming for help.

Percy looked back into the girls eyes, his green ones meeting a bright brown. Eyes filled with future and possibilities.

"Hey, it's gonna be alright you hear me? I'm gonna get you out of this okay. Do you trust me?" 

She nodded lightly.

"Good. Can you tell me your name?" Percy smiled lightly trying to do whatever he could to calm her while his mind frantically was trying to think of a way to save her.

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