The Story of Lilly Reed

The Story of Lilly Reed

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Angie-Thee-Alonso By Thorn_Wolf Updated Sep 06, 2015

When Lilly is out with her sister she smells him... Her mate...

Lilly's had a hard life. And now that the war is raging harder and harder these days, she will have to make the decision of either fighting in the war as her father did or continue hiding with her mother and little sister...
Then she meets Joseph. He's the alpha of the Lunarian pack far East of Lilly's hidden farmhouse. He meets Lilly during a quick hunt and instantly knows that she's his mate. But when he tries to get to know her, she uses her smart-ass remarks to stall on them being together. This makes Joseph want her even more. His pack is currently fighting in the war. And she soon discovers her true desiny to the Werewolf kind...

Should Lilly fight with Joseph or stay and keep her family safe??

 Find out as Joeseph and Lilly go through constant trials to both be together and save their kind. This story is about love loss and Lilly changing the ways forever.

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