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"I'm sorry, I panicked!"

"Holy crap, Percy, you are probably the worst superhero ever."

"Gee, thanks for the support."

"No problem."

- - -
Boy meets girl.

Girl and boy get together.

Girl finds out that boy is a superhero.

Then girl gets super freaking pissed.

{Inspired by The Amazing Spiderman}

#6 in percabeth 28/8/18

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I don't know what that ring is but listen to Sally. She knows best
didyoujust_ didyoujust_ Jun 04
Why did I imagine the ring having those weird googly eyes, and the eyes spinning around randomly until the settle on Poseidon and glare at him. Wtf.
barkleyem barkleyem Apr 19
Ooooooo!!! Its an AU isn't it??? I love it already!!! Is it like a PJO fic???
This is getting interesting. Out of all the PJO superhero aus I read, this one is starting to sound like one of the best😁
I’ve read a couple Percy Jackson superheroes aus and this has got to be the best sounding one yet
didyoujust_ didyoujust_ Jun 04
I CLAIM THOSE THREE...uh what's it name again? slashes? Idk, anyway they're officially mine. From now on, their names shall be Carl, Steven, and Richie