The Devil's Crown

The Devil's Crown

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Semra By Semrahh Updated Jun 15, 2018

The Devil's tournament is an annual competition held every 4 years in which 12 successors from around the world participate in a variety of competitions, all to win an item called the Devil's crown. 

After the eight year reign of her father as the Title holder of the Devil's Crown, it is now Eleanora's turn to prove herself. She trains her entire life for this exact moment, when suddenly her body collapses. Due to unknown causes Eleanora is no longer able to participate. And without a representative, it is certain they'll lose the crown to another kingdom. 

That is, until a guard drags in a girl that looks exactly like her. 

Maerose Haides had been warned multiple times by her mother. 'There's nothing but trouble waiting in Drachenstein.' And boy was she right. On her very first day, she loses track of her father and gets dragged away by a Royal guard who mistakes her for the princess.

When the two girls meet, the truth about their lives resurfaces. Maerose hopes for a happy reunion, and isn't prepared for the favour her sisters has to ask of her. Her happy and carefree life makes a 180 degree turn for the worse and Maerose now finds herself substituting for her sister. 

And as if impersonating a princess isn't hard enough, she now has to win the life-threatening challenges, make decisions she never thought she'd have to make and form alliances with people she doesn't trust.

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