Mistakenly sent? Or sent to kill?

An orphan girl, half human/half machine is sent to live with an elderly man and his sister in an outlying community far from battlefields and political agendas. Here, the girl will challenge those around her, may even find love and acceptance, and yet her very presence threatens to destroy her new home.


This is a short story and re-imagining of the Canadian classic, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I've adored Anne and her adventures since I was a young girl - fun to fuse some steampunk and dystopian goodness into Montgomery's world. I may expand this into a novella at some point, but for now...enjoy the quick read.

Publishing history: Awarded first place in the Surrey International Writers Conference contest, "Writing for Young People" category and published in the 2013 SIWC Anthology.


Cover Designer: Gaetano Pezzillo
Background Art: http://nataliaalejandra.deviantart.com/
Model: Joslyn Winters

  • anne
  • dystopian
  • gables
  • green
  • retelling
  • steampunk
  • young-adult
Chelyybean Chelyybean Oct 03, 2017
You came to my school today and I love this please write more
Zuha987 Zuha987 Oct 09, 2017
*shivers* so much more, there's a new significance to her innocent words
Xenoclea Xenoclea Feb 07, 2015
I love Anne of Green Gables and it's so cool to see it done in such a new and interesting way. I'll definitely read this if you decide to expand it into a full book. Voting now!
titanically- titanically- Dec 07, 2014
This is super interesting! I'd love to read more if you ever decide to continue. :)
kindredspirit16 kindredspirit16 Nov 26, 2014
I'm a huge fan of the original book series, and this is definitely an interesting take on it!
ErinJohnsonAuthor ErinJohnsonAuthor Jun 14, 2014
Love the take on Anne. I'm a fan girl of LM Montgomery. And now for some new adventures. :-)