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But You're My StepBrother?! (book 1)

But You're My StepBrother?! (book 1)

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Rose By xSxUxIxCxIxDxEx Completed

Book One Of The Carter Family Series

Noah Carter is a typical 16 year old kid. His mom and dad get divorced. After some time, Noahs mom, Lucy find a perfect man. His name is Luke and he is 37. He is divorced and has a son, Jay who is 16 years old just as Noah.

Jay is the big guy, who smokes, parties, and drinks alcohol. But whenever alcohol touches his lips, he cannot stop. Usualy this ends in disasters, and Noah soon is involved in this kinky disaster. 

Can Jay, the badboy, alchoholic, player change for the cute emo stepbrother? Can he face the good and bad decisions? Can he feel the heartbreaking emotions? Can he change his future? Can he become someone new?

-PHILTOPS- -PHILTOPS- Apr 29, 2016
"Sheesh, calm your tits, Ms." Is probably what I would say. xp
Man I wish that was my school.  We had a snow make up day and I had detention that day.
Ristykitty Ristykitty Jul 02, 2016
Greenies! I know u meant greenest but I have to say it. THE MAZE RUNNER
Isn't like every stepbrother boyxboy fanfic involve a soon to be dad who is rich?
babyboy_fem_tyler babyboy_fem_tyler Jul 26, 2016
Sorry but big Troye fan soo.....
                              So tell me how im gonna get pass this wave to empty swimming pools
DeathItzSelf DeathItzSelf Dec 23, 2016
Do you know what an emo is? Emos are people who are always depressed, and they cut themselves, and usually have no friends... So ;)