But You're My StepBrother?! (book 1)

But You're My StepBrother?! (book 1)

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Book One Of The Carter Family Series

Noah Carter is a typical 16 year old kid. His mom and dad get divorced. After some time, Noahs mom, Lucy find a perfect man. His name is Luke and he is 37. He is divorced and has a son, Jay who is 16 years old just as Noah.

Jay is the big guy, who smokes, parties, and drinks alcohol. But whenever alcohol touches his lips, he cannot stop. Usualy this ends in disasters, and Noah soon is involved in this kinky disaster. 

Can Jay, the badboy, alchoholic, player change for the cute emo stepbrother? Can he face the good and bad decisions? Can he feel the heartbreaking emotions? Can he change his future? Can he become someone new?

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Ohmymymy-ovaries Ohmymymy-ovaries Jun 02, 2017
I think Jay is my long lost browser twin. The trick to avoiding situations like This is called deleting history or setting your history to auto delete
Ohmymymy-ovaries Ohmymymy-ovaries Jun 02, 2017
I think he wanted to log into his Facebook but Ohtay or if that's your actual laptop password then sorrz
__Fallen_Angel_ __Fallen_Angel_ Oct 17, 2017
Pierce The Veil is the bomb (but so is Black Veil Brides 😉)
Ohmymymy-ovaries Ohmymymy-ovaries Jun 02, 2017
Well a hòe is also a gardening tool and damn when saying it could also be heard or interpreted as dam which is a beavers house. So it was truly only once ma'am. The rest was you assuming.
lover139 lover139 Nov 15, 2017
Is it bad when ever I see a intro of someone's name and age I always think of that vine that goes "hey guy I'm (what ever the name was) I'm 19 and I never learned how to f*cking read"
Lakenthylycan Lakenthylycan 5 days ago
Bish I love you tho I like black converse high tops better. They just feel more comfortable