To Break-free

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Shazneem Tamana By ShazneemTamana Updated 2 years ago
*WARNING Contents of Abuse* I lived a life that suffocated me, my blissful dreams turned into forgotten dead leaves that had been blown away by Autumn winds. My hands searched for love but never would it come insight let alone in reach. I close my eyes, tears flow down my cheeks, slowly but surely, I wither and due inside. A small thought erupts within me, taking me in and reining my attention 'What would it be like. . .TO BREAK-FREE?'  
    Contains both verbal and physical abuse
    Copyright ©Shazneem Tamana
Oh Gosh! I feel bad for Kira that husband of he's is terrible!
Okay, I loved the begining, I get to see exactly the kind of world she lives in, you present her as a domesticated female, which adds to her maternal nature. As for Adam, the A**hole - cannot stand that prick!
It had been so long since I read the first chapter that I had to read it again,  I can't help be feel riddled with emotion right now.
It's good but it's too sad to read about all what she has been going though for 19yrs. Very painful:(
@tabiibiiXD I shuddered when I read what you just wrote my ex tried to do that to me but I woke up in time to knock the knife from his hand into the ceiling in the nick of time saving my own life.
Damn. That's rough stuff. I feel for her.... I would have murdered him while he slept..... >.> But you have and awesome way of writing.