Brian Saves the World, Maybe

Brian Saves the World, Maybe

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Robert Frazier By gladhaven Completed

Brian Walker, the IT guy at a small government contractor, has two problems. First, he hasn't had his morning coffee, and second, a strange voice in his head claims an alien invasion is underway.
Solving the least pressing of the two should be pretty simple, but that leaves the coffee issue to deal with!

Still, what if that voice is telling the truth? Brian's lunch buddy, Dale, thinks so-but then, he also thinks the government has been putting mind control drugs in the water supply.

After deciding to trust the voice in his head, all he needs is a first-rate team to face off against the aliens. He ends up with a Princess Bride fanatic (with eyes for him), a conspiracy theorist, and a cosplayer.

Follow Brian and his ill-equipped band of office workers, as they try to save the world from well-meaning aliens that have finally lost patience waiting for the human race to kill itself off.