A Stone Left Unturned

A Stone Left Unturned

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PixiePower01 By PixiePower01 Updated Apr 28, 2018

"Are you sure we didn't miss anything?"

Crime stoppers never want a case to be unsolved, but will they be sure to leave no stone unturned?

As a person who always hated pretentious heroes, Tzuyu never knew that a particular group of people would be able to catch her interest. The more she discovered about them, the more her belief in people strengthened. Initially having no aim in her life, she becomes motivated to work for the same goal as them. 

Where will her motivation lead her? What will happen when the source behind her motivation suddenly disappears? What will happen if she tries to explore the secrets behind everything? 

A story that will take you on a mysterious journey with Mingyu and Tzuyu, as they work to explore the overlooked secrets behind the happenings.
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Published: 13.04.2018
Status: On-going

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