Safe and Sound || Hunger Games

Safe and Sound || Hunger Games

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❝Attachment always results in pain❞

Harper Anselin is a fifteen year old girl from District 12. She is quiet, keeps to herself, loves nature and is very rarely seen without a bow and arrows. When the reaping for the 99th Hunger Games comes around, she doesn't think things could get any worse - her little sister had died recently and her father had fallen seriously ill. The odds are definitely not in her favour. So when she is chosen, she doesn't know what to do. No one volunteers for her (of course) and she will have to spend her sixteenth birthday fighting to the death. Harper knows her mother wouldn't be able to support her dying father, but she know that if she wins, she can nurse her father back to health with good food and medicine. Scared and alone, she will face the trauma that is the Hunger Games. However, she isn't alone. She never was and never will be...

* * *

Also published on Quotev and Mibba. And please beware...this was my second story. It's chock-full of typos and silly story lines. But ah well. Hopefully my editing will change it! Please enjoy the story!

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joshssduns joshssduns Apr 19, 2017
you didn't lie though, she asked if you killed anything and you didn't
ALittyReader ALittyReader Oct 31, 2017
As wise Buddha said, attachment is the root of all suffering
I'll be judging each chapter just because. Honestly I just read the explanation and it hooked me... hopefully your writing is good. Great start!
wolf9801 wolf9801 Apr 06, 2017
I think this may be my forth time reading this! It's just so amazing! My favourite watt pad story! Thanks so much for writing this wonderful story!❤️
xXReaderXx3 xXReaderXx3 Jun 11
Has he seen a black cat lately? Or walked under some ladders?? Or maybe his favorite number is 13. Next time, don't open the umbrella indoors.
joshssduns joshssduns Apr 19, 2017
omg i just realized i forgot about my popsicle and now im freaking out but continue