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Cats vs. Dogs? May The Better Immortals Win

Cats vs. Dogs? May The Better Immortals Win

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xFireEmberx By xFireEmberx Updated Apr 14, 2013

The Original: a rewrite is being made

Cat or Dog? As Shakespear would say, 'That Is The Question.' That 'question' leads to a secret that's unknown in the human world. Some Say Opposites Attract but you will come to learn that in truth, Opposites Attack.   Alexis Ther, also known as Lexi is a Cat immortal. She can shift into any animal of the Cat family, her favorite being a panther. Along side her is Katherine Pard better know as Kat who loves her leopard and Ember Jag who sticks to her jaguar. These three rule the Felidae family on earth but they aren't the  only ones who prowl about. The dogs love to cause trouble in Lexi's paradise. When the Zion Dogs start a battle with the Felines at Skee Vile High, only the best of the best will come through. When another group of people try to destroy the two species all together will the cats and dogs ban together to save their asses? Or will they turn away from each other even more and keep the forbidden secrets a secret? Alls fair in Love and War. May The Better Immortals Win.

xFireEmberx xFireEmberx Jan 25, 2013
@101_livelove the characters are on earth but their home planet is called Zion, sorry for the confusion
xFireEmberx xFireEmberx Jul 18, 2011
@DreamerHopeLoveSmile the next chapter will clear it up. This is just people talking, its meant to be slightly confusing since you dont know whats going on or whos talking
xFireEmberx xFireEmberx Apr 24, 2011
@ila4ever013 No problem, anyone who reads (and or adds my stories to their library with is the only way I can see if they are reading) should get a piece of the story dedicated to them because they took the time out to read it and that makes everything worth writing :)