The Alpha's Second Mate

The Alpha's Second Mate

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Kay By kaysweets-mary-lee Updated Mar 02

Book 1 in 'The Alpha Series'

All I hear now are stories of an alpha who killed his mate with the flick of his wrist, simply because she wasn't good enough.   It is said that the girl ran off, so the alpha followed after her. When he returned the girl was found dead, the story was repeated over and over again, each time more brutal than the last.  My pack signed a treaty with this alpha and now we are to meet him.  But the moment my eyes landed on him I knew.  No one was as surprised as I was. When I looked into the eyes of that alpha, and found that I was his mate. 

Talia crimson never did anything wrong in life, she was the good girl with a fire at heart, so why was it that she got stuck with the alpha who killed his first chance at love? Will she suffer the same fate? Or will she finally get the happy ever after she desires?

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Half way through chapter one and this book is more divererse than half the werewolves books out there with like 100 chapters
Ohhhh the boys ain't getting that but I suppose she could be bi hahaha but cool
You know what I’ve never seen gay mates and my question is why?!?
Sorry author but im going to portray her in my mind like maggie lindemann
Aqiaas Aqiaas Jul 30
To all objecting , as a Muslim you shouldn't even be reading this.. I can post hundreds of hadith's and Quranic verses on what's allowed and what's not in Islam!! And you are not going to like the truth because in Islam thinking of na mehrum is equivalent of adultery!
^ oml Stop reading the damn book you’ve made it clear you don’t like or agree with what it is saying so why read like the second you read that you should’ve went bam exit don’t add to my library and get on with your day