sunshine & city lights ─ liskook

sunshine & city lights ─ liskook

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➻ B α ɾ Ⴆ ҽ ყ By junkhoek Updated Jun 12

❝ It seems like you've already missed me, babygirl. ❞ 


Jungkook was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He didn't like it, he didn't hate it either.

He hates wearing fancy and uncomfortable suits. He hates to be fancy and didn't really have manners for a rich boy. In fact, he just wanted a normal life. 

And, his life was quite exciting.

At exactly midnight, he would sneak out with his bestfriend, Lisa, and go to the city. They would hang out, do things like what a normal teenager would do at night. When the sun rises, it was finally time for them to return home.

It was the time of his life, spending time with the likes of a girl like Lisa. But what happens if his mother found out what his son has been doing at midnight?