Wildfire~The Dark Forest (Book One)

Wildfire~The Dark Forest (Book One)

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Wildfire. A story made from the creatures of this world. Or at least they think. Her heart is as dark as her black fur, but now she's running from that terrible past of hers with different names, this time calling herself 'Sophia'. She has suffered so much, and tries to keep herself in solitude, convinced everyone she touches burns in agony. 

But when she runs into Pixels a clever Calico, and gets taken captive to a strange place called 'The Dark Forest' by a pack of cats who crave their revenge on Wildfire. Once captured, crazy things begin to happen. Perhaps even crazier than Sophia herself. 

She is soon and unfortunately aquatinted with a Kingdom of bloodthirsty foxes. She might have to make allies with some enemies. Some friends... But will they burn and fly away like ash in the wind too? 

The first installment in the Wildfire series!

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