Honey's Only Angel ~OHSHC~ (Rewriting)

Honey's Only Angel ~OHSHC~ (Rewriting)

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Amulet324 By Amulet324 Updated May 20

Have you ever felt betrayed? Like the person you thought you knew the most was just an imposter or was just faking everything he felt with you or were you betrayed because of jealousy..... Freaking jealousy.......Life is just freaking unfair is it they give you a great memories then when you though life can't get any better, they slap you in the face with destroying everything you ever had.

The fun and playfulness of your brother, the presence and love of your parents, and the fact you trusted your best friends.......GONE!!!

Story of the childhood friend of Honey-senpai and him I'm only going to say this once.  Disclaimer: I do not own OHSHC , I only own my own Characters plus I dont own any of the pictures i will be posting

  • haruhi
  • hikaru
  • honey-senpai
  • hostclub
  • jealousy
  • kaoru
  • kyoya
  • mori
  • ohshcfanfic
  • tamaki
And words like *shivers* m-m-moist (someone drown me in holy water)
ShySkipper ShySkipper May 30
I'm like 4 inches taller than him and I am like 8 years younger than him
cuitechan cuitechan Jun 16
Honey-kun?..........mmmmm......honey....kun........honey senpa- NO WERE STICKING WITH HONEY KUN!!!!!!
I'm so sure that she is DEFINITELY the child of bliss....
                              We're all gonna DIE!!!
cuitechan cuitechan Jun 16
I cant your name is honey when i think of you you know what i think of............TEA!!!!!
For a second I thought it said stranglers instead of strangers and now I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂
                              I need help