Falling Star

Falling Star

2K Reads 80 Votes 3 Part Story
Kate J. Squires By Blondeanddangerous Completed

Sometimes it takes finding your heart to find your voice.

It wasn't her fault...

Somehow a run-in with a handsy, but influential, talk show host has landed Briana Brite in big trouble with the press, and even though it was the host that wouldn't take no for an answer, Briana finds herself banished until the scandal blows over.

It's not his place...

Gareth might work for some of the richest people in the world, but his job as a masseur at the luxurious Star Island resort is just that - a job. And he really needs the money and the tips and the hours. Getting involved with resort guests is grounds for immediate dismissal, so the last thing Gareth needs is a troubled pop princess making waves.

It's not meant to be...

However, when Gareth meets Briana, he realises that she's more than just her voice, more than the media storm, more than even her management knows. But when it comes to his job and his livelihood, how much will he risk for a holiday fling?

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