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The Bathers' Society

The Bathers' Society

3.8K Reads 638 Votes 40 Part Story
M. B. Weiss By mbweiss Updated Feb 28


On first glance, Bright Star seems like the typical nursing home.

On second glance...perhaps not.

Things are starting to become rather spooky, and it is up to Probable Cause and a unit of Alzheimer's patients to figure out just what is causing these strange and terrible events.

A shadow in the corner.

An overly green plant.

A lost book in the shower.

A boy with blue hair.

A menace in the night.

With no one to believe her, save her delusional gang of old people, Probable races to uncover the mystery before it grows too late.

Or rather, not too late. Unfortunately for those at Bright Star, there is plenty of time.

So, reader, sit back and begin this journey. Begin at Chapter One. Begin to know Probable. Begin to see a side to nursing homes you never knew existed.

And never forget, reader:


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