Glimmering Gem [A Houseki no Kuni x Reader Fanfiction]

Glimmering Gem [A Houseki no Kuni x Reader Fanfiction]

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3i790X By 3i790X Updated Feb 02

"We are immortals, as long as we have the shards, we are able to glue ourselves up and continue on with life"

Isn't that boring?

Meet [Y/N], a peculiar gem born in the harsh cold Winter. She was found by Antarcticite who was patroling the area, the winter gemstone took her under his wing and with the approval of Kongo Sensei, both gems became official partners for Winter Duty.

At Summer, with no partner to pair with, [Y/N] usually helps around in the Medic corner alongside Rutile who's always working. Her life was simple, until a certain green peppermint gem entered her life.

Seeking for a partner, Phosphophyllite practically begged the [H/C] gem to partnered up with him. And so, this is the adventure and the life of the [H/C] gemstone as she and her partner Phosphophyllite face off the challenges in their lifes, fighting off Lunarians and discovering the truth behind those moon-dwelling creatures.