The devil's untainted possession

The devil's untainted possession

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Utkarsh Agnihotri 26 is the most powerful businessman of Mumbai and the ultimate sought after bachelor.  He is smart intelligent, handsome and arrogant at times.  Girls worship the soil he walked upon but his heart flutters open only to an impeccable sweet girl
Anastasia Singh, his childhood love.

Anastasia Singh is beauty by heart and as well as for her looks.  She is a young girl of 20 years.  Being the only daughter between the two prodigious business families Anastasia is pampered to hell.  She is ceremonious and unblemished as her will is the command in both the metier homes.

Will the devilishly handsome heartthrob claim the hand of his pristine childhood sweetheart?  There is a challenge to face, a biting truth behind a secret which no one knew.  Explore the devil's untainted possession of his credulous beauty's heart.

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