~A Love Worth Risking~ {A BoyxBoy Teen-Fiction/Romance}

~A Love Worth Risking~ {A BoyxBoy Teen-Fiction/Romance}

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Siren By XxSPMxX Updated Apr 18, 2017

Raine is adorable, sweet and extremely small, he's practically the ultimate social reject, with Joanna as his only friend. Problem is, she's the hottest girl in school, so you could say that he occasionally gets pushed around because of it. It doesn't help that he's gay, and totally out. He doesn't really mind the beatings that much, it never gets too bad. But with Joanna's fiery temper, it's a whole lot harder to hold her back than to deal with the physical and emotional pain. 

Soal's the school's hot shot, oh and trust me, he isn't called a HOT shot for no reason. Standing at 6 ft 5, he's the best player on any of the sport teams. He's smart, independent, he's the prefect leader, possibly even the perfect guy. 

Raine and Soal are polar opposites, so they would never expect to be involved in each other's life, not in any way, and certainly not romantically. But what happens when the secrets they tried so hard to keep from the world, are suddenly exposed to one another? Can they heal each other's hearts? Possibly fall in love? Or will they both break in the process? Is this love really worth risking it all?

  • angst
  • boyxboy
  • drunk
  • eventualsmut
  • gay
  • girlxgirl
  • kidfic
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I can't see it!! Can someone reply me the picture of him or something??  Pleeaasseeeeee ;^;
Dreambiglove101 Dreambiglove101 Apr 01, 2017
I love how they call each other that like I call my cousin boo and see calls me jay because that's mah nickname xP
Awe he said Yucky!! We need to protect this smol bean!! 😂😍
CharLok CharLok Oct 09, 2016
Here I'm expecting a really cute small boy, but no, he's freaking taller than me
LuckyMidnightfoxx LuckyMidnightfoxx Jul 15, 2016
Im 5'4" and im tall compared to everyone in my school, except my friends, there all like almost 6'0" or they are 6'0"
asjak666 asjak666 Nov 30, 2015
All stories are like "heck this person is sMOL" well im same size or shorter -.-'