High School, Lust, &nd Deception ( #Urban )

High School, Lust, &nd Deception ( #Urban )

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We're Not All Negan By iRespectBacon Completed

[This book is also UNEDITED.]   

•Book 2 in the High School Series . . .

Last time around the gang was just getting to know each other, most of them anyways, and the others were struggling  just to co-exhist. Now we're testing the true strength of everyone's friendships, relationships, and trust.  

Nina's back for this, and so is CJ with the rest of the crew and lots of extras. Only now, we getting deeper into past lives, questions that went unanswered, and deep dark secrets that no one but their past should know.  

Book 3: High School Flame, Fuck You

NOTICE - Don't mind me if you see updates coming from this book, it'll just be editing. This book is COMPLETE!

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  • drama
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Dria2000 Dria2000 Dec 28, 2016
Whhhat gone down witj her and cj and why she could forgive cj for all he did to her and not her bestfriends
                              She do relize cj slap the hell out of her and raped her righ5
Lozza0_0 Lozza0_0 Apr 20, 2015
Sheesh, give Nina a break! She deserves more time to breathe and think more than anyone else. New year, new start. She had a lot on her plate before, she just needs to make a new beginning. She'll get too stressed and then.... KA-BOOM! The drama strikes again.