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The Canefield Killer

The Canefield Killer

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Rodney V. Smith By iamRodneyVSmith Completed

A serial killer stalks Barbados and Detective John Riley returns to the island to stop them before they turn their attention to the people closest to him.
A serial killer stalks the tropical paradise of Barbados, leaving victims naked in canefields and the island police force is ill-equipped to handle the case. Enter Seattle homicide detective and Barbados native: Detective John Riley. John hasn't been back to Barbados in decades, and he has his own demons to face. But as he combats the heat, the media, and the very police force he's working to help, he desperately hopes he can stop the violence before the killer turns their attention to the people closest to him.

[[Wattys Winner]]

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]