Under The Ice (Juvia x Gray) (Complete)(Editing)

Under The Ice (Juvia x Gray) (Complete)(Editing)

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Under The Ice

Thats what the Girl Under that Smile Felt Like... 
We would Start from the Start till the End.....
Will her beloved Gray Love Juvia?
but Gray likes Lucy and Juvia wants to Act like a Bridge.
to Help Gray Get Lucy because she thinks that if Gray is happy She is too.
But she is already getting Hurt by whats happening ...
and Everytime she gets Hurt a petal falls From the Rose of Life.
A rose that has Cursed Juvia and when the last Petal Falls she will Die...
Only the one she loves can save her now....
but if Juvia tells Gray about the Rose....
 or someone tells Gray she will Die instantly
Can she Break the Ice ?

Disclaimer: I dont own picture used here i just edited it. and I dont Own Fairytail (most people have these Disclaimer stuff so im Doing it too XD)


apocalyps7 apocalyps7 Nov 09
Actually they really mean to be made when a sunny day is hoped for.
No Juvia Gray loves you and besides Lucy loves Natsu  and Lucy loves him so u might have a chance
NoragamiFan NoragamiFan May 20
Gruvia is my number 1 ship of fairy tail... Dis bettah be gud >:O
This is the first time to read GruVia because I always read LoLu coz I am a LoLu fan