Rising Storm [ Ink!Sans x Reader ]

Rising Storm [ Ink!Sans x Reader ]

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space sloth By morrow- Completed

free·dom (ˈfrēdəm)
the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.


It's a luxury that few can afford, not after the Great War that ravaged the multiverse and brought entire armies to its knees, eradicating any opposition or those that dare oppose. They call themselves the Shadow, the Dark Brotherhood, they go by many names. A group of mysterious unnamed figureheads govern the multiverse without mercy, sowing terror wherever they please.

Ink, the known guardian and protector of the multiverse, has been eradicated from memory and presumed dead. And it's what you believe, a small, unimportant person tucked away in an unimportant universe with an unimportant name. There is no hope, only chaos and suffering flourish in this new age.

But when a mysterious message plagues your dreams, a small beacon of hope emerges. You embark on a journey and leave everything you've ever known or loved behind, not that there was much, anyway. Sought at every twist and turn, your once-quiet life evolves into one much more dangerous, and it soon becomes obvious that there are greater forces at work.

But the message in your dreams never ceases and there's one thing that you're certain. Ink is alive, and they will stop at nothing to make sure the hope dies with you.