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Can't Fall For The Nerd

Can't Fall For The Nerd

282K Reads 9.1K Votes 25 Part Story
MacGuire By Apawah01 Completed

Angela Darwin is a nerd. That's the only way to describe her except sarcastic, witty, and sassy. However, nobody gets to see that side of her except her mom and her best friend, Scott. She hates the 'populars' and is constantly harassed by them.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Landyn Glenn is the golden boy.  He goes to parties, hangs out with the popular crowd and, of course, is the quarterback of the football team. Nobody knows that his real passion is hockey.                                                                                                                              

Before they met, Angela was just the girl everybody teased for liking comic books and Minecraft and Landyn was the jock. But after being paired up for a class project, could feelings change?

Completed. Warning: contains BoyxBoy content. If this bugs you, leave.

sherocandy sherocandy Oct 21, 2016
Um... clothes? Sound familiar? You know that thing you wear everyday? Ring a bell?
sherocandy sherocandy Oct 21, 2016
                              Just stop. 
                              Just stop...
Pokemon_Pikachu00 Pokemon_Pikachu00 Nov 23, 2016
NOOO I WOULF NEVER DO SUCHA A THING  *cough* maybe *cough*. Oh i must have a cough ot something
Pink_Poo Pink_Poo Aug 13, 2016
                              WHAT IF SCOTT AND DARRIS ARE GOING TO GET TOGETHER?!
                              OMG I WOULD LOVE THAT
Pink_Poo Pink_Poo Aug 13, 2016
I read "I was planning on making out with her"
                              and was grinning creepier than before
TallulahHoney TallulahHoney Nov 23, 2016
I wear cover up clothes, so long sleeve anythings, jeans, jeggins and boots /converses with glasses and my hair in 2 plats either side of me. I scream NERD and I LOVE it!