Another Chance (A Naruto Fan Fiction - SasuSaku)

Another Chance (A Naruto Fan Fiction - SasuSaku)

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Kabuto betrayed Orochimaru. When he found out, he mercilessly kills him. But Orochimaru needs a new medic. Of course, he knows Tsunade is a great medic. Though he knows that she will not help him. Tsunade is the hokage of Konoha! Of course she will not. After thinking, Orochimaru decided to have Sakura Haruno as his new medic instead. Tsunade wouldn't let that, right? But still, Orochimaru made a deal which is if Tsunade gives Sakura to him for a year, he will bring back the life of Tsunade's lover. Sakura agrees to what the snake wants, because she wants her master to be happy again. 

But, what's this? Sasuke lives with Orochimaru, right? If Sakura agrees, then she will also live with his old teammate Sasuke Uchiha! Tsunade was blinded by Orochimaru's offer, but as expected, he was tricking the hokage. 

Sakura would like her master to be happy again with her boyfriend, just this once. But is there another chance for her and Sasuke to be happy again? Does she need to change? No. She just needs another chance. What happens next? Read to find out and join a bad guy, a good girl, and an old friend. 

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto~
Music: Lovers by 7!! (It's Naruto Shippuden's opening #9!) 
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Narusasu is my OTP but I ship naruhina and sasusaku. Not very keen on narusaku....
etphhome etphhome May 31, 2017
I like both but I'm not really a fan of the anime shippings much
ksmyjhknpjktjjbts ksmyjhknpjktjjbts Aug 29, 2017
i like a lot of different ships but the ones i mainly like are cannon so i'm happy lol
jade_1134 jade_1134 Sep 25, 2017
I'm a hardcore sasuke and Sakura shipper but I love how your both and can make a sasusaku
DeadliestKilljoy DeadliestKilljoy Jul 25, 2016
Some people think NaruHina some like NaruSaku but we all know who Naruto really belongs with we all know the ultimate ship 
                              NARURAMEN FOR LIFE
                              it's always been Naruto and his ramen
park_little_minnie park_little_minnie Apr 14, 2016