My Kind of Perfect (One Shot)

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modernongbettyboop By modernongbettyboop Completed
What happens when an aniticipated happy occassion turns in to a nightmare?
    She was waiting for him will all her heart. He was looking for excuses to break the bad news to her.
    "I know he’s been coming home quite late recently because of a project which is due soon. But he promised to be home sooner today"......Gail
    "I know we promised each other to keep no secrets but I have faltered on that promise as well, and for that I hope one day you can forgive me".... Aaron
I just love your comments!!! They're in almost every book I read. 
I think I might be a wicked witch 
                                    Because this made me cry and I'm melting
 seriously? That's the sin? Wtf!
                                    I thought he was going to say he cheated and either got a std or had a love child.
It's amazing! How that guy really values the importnt thngs of hs wife.. Ths is gorgeous! :>
I teach at the college level, and, sad to say, you write in English better than many that have been speaking it all their lives. Good job!
Awe! So adorable! I just have a few things to say and one is it is broach not brooch. Anyways, that was a great story and you just made my day. I am going to look and see if you have anymore stories for me toread. Loved the story so much it just warms up my heart. (: