God of System (BL)

God of System (BL)

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Alice_Daisy92 By Alice_Daisy92 Updated Jun 02, 2018

A long time ago.  There are a man who was bonded with curses system. He have to completed all the mission for his survive. 

After those years his heart become cold and he surrender to become God puppet. Until one days, he travel to new worlds and there he meet someone who make his heart beat again. 

They was so happy but the God not like it. So the God kill his love and force him to watching how he love died. The man was so angry and use all his power to kill the God when the God was careless. Before the God vanish he put a curse for his love soul.

 So the man replace the God and become the new God of system. He travel for search of cure and meeting all the reincarnation of his love. 

Will they love story continues? Will the man find the cure? 


This is bl story who does like it don't read it.  Who those who like it please give a comment so that I can improve my skills. English is not my first language and sorry if there are any grammar mistakes.

It's my original work and inspire by QWTDF.

*Arc 1 still in editing. Please wait for it*