Idol Days - Jimin FF [ School Days Sequel ]

Idol Days - Jimin FF [ School Days Sequel ]

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ChimX2 By Daytime03 Updated Jan 02

Jimin: don't worry... I'll call you... I won't forget... I promise

Y/n: then I'll call you too... I promise 

Jimin: I love you

Y/n: I love you too

You guys pinky promise and Jimin kissed you and left to his car 

You waved to him and closed the door 

Those were the last moments with Jimin that Kim y/n remembered and treasured for 5 years 

The last memories of being with Jimin 

Before he left 

5 years passed and here you were 

Making your way towards fame 

Your already a well know kpop star worldwide 

And your labeled in the biggest entertainment and your doing just fine

Of course being in the biggest entertainment you reunited with some old friends and you've caught up with them and life is pretty good 



Sequel to School Days- Jimin FF

Bet you guys didn't see this coming

If you did then.... 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Congratulations 🎊 


I recommend to the people who haven't read School Days to read it before you read this one bcuz your gonna be like "who dis?...who is she? If you just read this book before School Days. But if you just want to read this one with out reading the other one then go I'm not stopping you... you do you.