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This Isn't Real (Carl Grimes fanfic)

This Isn't Real (Carl Grimes fanfic)

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twdchandler By twdchandler Completed

Carl grimes fanfic - Carter and her dad are willing to do anything to survive. Growing up in a small town in Georgia, she never thought she would be going through anything as treacherous as this. While stumbling across vacant cities and towns, will they ever find somewhere safe? Or will they find a new group? Or maybe Carter will fall in love.

Thank you to everyone who made my story a wattpad featured story! <3

rip-my-hxxrt-out rip-my-hxxrt-out Sep 11, 2016
I just realized my friend moved to Georgia and she either lives in Atlanta or by Atlanta and all I can think about now is Chandler Riggs😍😍😍
Daniel_DeamX Daniel_DeamX Aug 03, 2016
What's this "zombie" you speak of I only know them as 
BlossomIcypaw BlossomIcypaw Aug 28, 2016
Yeah, Georgia is peaceful, atleast in my area and not in a world with infected roaming around.
-stigmatizeme -stigmatizeme Jan 30, 2016
I love how you guys are yelling about the baby and then I'm just here pissed about the fact that they called it a zombie.
- - Sep 17, 2015
Please, the only peaceful place in Georgia I've been to is my dad's place on my grandparents farm
AmorLuna AmorLuna Aug 11, 2015
Where I live in Georgia there is no such thing as 'peaceful'.