After the End: When Death Comes Calling

After the End: When Death Comes Calling

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Naomi By NDeMeer Completed

Alex Stones' story begins on the 22nd of March: the day her life ended. 

Alex wakes up confused and scared in the hallway of a shopping centre. Confused, because she can't remember anything. Scared, because a man with a clipboard tells her she's dead.

When the clipboard man reveals that Death, the grim reaper, will come to get her any second now, Alex flees the scene of her own death. While on the run from the only one who can take her away from the world of the living, she learns more and more about her old life and how this world works for dead people like her. Her quest for answers takes her through Notley Hill, where she discovers not only her grieving family, but also that her beloved younger brother Kyle is in danger. 

Will Alex be able to stay a step ahead of Death long enough to save her brother from sharing her fate? 

Book 1 of what I plan to some day grow into a trilogy :)

After the End has placed:
Winner in the Monthly Awards
Winner in the 2nd Ohana Awards
Runner-up in the Anchor Awards
And more! 

Beautiful cover made by @Elusive_Soul. Credits to her cover shop @whatafuck_graphics.

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