The rejected mate.

The rejected mate.

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Bella is a quirky girl who has a hinder on life. Living life on the edge she gets beaten and abused everyday by her so called family. Why is a question she asks her self constantly when she receives a crucial amount of pain from every blow. Rejection from her family is enough. But once shes rejected by her '' soul mate" she runs away hoping she can find a new life under the stars. Not knowing the mysterious life about to be revealed to her. 
Will she be able to forgive her family and mate or will she just build up her brick wall even higher. That even prince charming can't climb

" for years I wanted a Prince Charming to come rescue me from this thing I call life. But once I saw that Prince Charming isn't coming. I looked in the mirror and said to myself " hello Prince Charming, im ready to be saved" and I knew then. I'm my own Prince Charming and I'll have to save myself" - Bella

Prequel is also up .

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MeaninglessSmiles MeaninglessSmiles Nov 16, 2017
I saw loads of comments on this and there isn't one Eminem joke. Not one. I'll have to do it then.. "knees weak, arms are heavy. There's vomit on her sweater, burnt the spaghetti"
projectgirlwrites projectgirlwrites Aug 25, 2017
Eva_Lloyd Eva_Lloyd Sep 16, 2017
Wooww well you should have stopped you hubby from putting his small dick in you bitch 😒
QuiteImaginative QuiteImaginative Oct 12, 2017
Wait I thought it was the mother yelling at her?? Now Im confused
swag-A-lag swag-A-lag Mar 03
I really like warewolf books but I feel as if most start the same way. Is that just me?
BookOfSins BookOfSins Dec 03, 2017
Then maybe you should've think twice before whoring yourself😐