Changeling (18+)

Changeling (18+)

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Ellie By BlAckRosE7777777 Updated Feb 17

Aimee's life takes a frightening turn when she starts seeing ghosts.

Born as a powerful vampire-faerie hybrid and switched at birth with a human child, her entire life has been a lie but now the truth is catching up and fast. 

When her family is kidnapped and she starts being hunted for her powers, Aimee is forced to enlist the help of her new step brother who unbeknownst to her is secretly one of the hunters. 

Burdened with a heritage she doesn't want, and a snarky vampire step-brother who she can't deny her attraction to, Aimee's life is going up in flames.

With the world burning around her, will she be able to protect what matters most to her?