Dare Me - First Draft

Dare Me - First Draft

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Layla By leevillin Updated May 05


Boys can't refuse a dare, especially not Michael and Luke. No matter how stupid the dare is, they can't help themselves, they have to step up to the challenge and do it. But after Luke gets a little too drunk, Michael finds himself in an uncomfortable position, and he's beginning to doubt everything about himself.

Michael feels awkward doing the simplest of dares with Luke, dares that he wouldn't have thought twice about before. Maybe his imagination is playing tricks on him, but the dares seem to be getting worse. Hand holding for extended periods of time, sharing bodily fluids, and even kissing. Kiss his best friend? Isn't that kind of request odd even for their friends? Not to mention his friends seem to hush as soon as he shows up. What kind of secrets could his best friends of five years be keeping from him?

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I knew I freakin read this before, but this line is what really jogged my memory. Oml
katinsuburbia katinsuburbia Jan 19, 2016
Am I the only one getting the 5 seconds of summer vibe here? Or is it just a coincidence???
HelpTheFandom HelpTheFandom Jan 09, 2016
I was worried I'd say this to my crush at the party I was at but I discovered I'm an extreme heavyweight so nah
HelpTheFandom HelpTheFandom Jan 09, 2016
What's so hard about drinking a beer though? I'm confused why he's refusing as if it's something really hardcore. Or maybe it's bc I live in the kingdom of beer
HelpTheFandom HelpTheFandom Jan 09, 2016
In west Philadelphia born and raised, in a playground was where I spent the most of my days...
HelpTheFandom HelpTheFandom Jan 09, 2016
Yes but if he plays something bad you can swerve and make him fly out the car window