Escaping Duty

Escaping Duty

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After encountering something of myths one day after work, Valentina begins questioning her once mundane world. Seeking answers to prove she's not crazy, she receives another shocking truth that hits even closer to home.

Mason returns home to escape his past, but familiar faces return, and new threats arrive in town. Keeping an eye on the enemy, he struggles to avoid getting involved any more than he should.

But, when their paths cross, they learn not everything is black and white, and the people you least suspect could be your enemy.


'This is a dumb idea' she thought to herself.

Slowly she began reaching her hand towards the animal, feeling compelled to touch it. Would it be as soft as it looked? Did it want her to touch it? The rain continued pelting them, but it felt like its eyes were drawing her into another space, where nothing else mattered. The sudden desire to be closer to this animal was beginning to overtake her mind, especially as her hand neared its head.

The whole time the animal only watched her with those large eyes. She imagined it almost asking for her touch. It didn't cross her mind how she knew he'd be soft, or how she even knew the creature was a 'he' to begin with. As her finger just barely grazed the animal, multiples things happened.

She felt something shock her causing her to pull her hand back, just as thunder and lightning sounded. When the light cleared the animals' eyes, were narrowed into slits, and it was growling. It was a deep menacing sound that sent her stumbling backward, heart wildly beating. It bared fangs the size of her hand alone dipping its head.

Had her touch angered the animal into finally attacking her? She kept moving backward in the rain, slipping in her converses as the creature continued growling. It was then she knew she was prepared to run, no matter what happened.

Cover by: BaneenI2I

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