Of Snow

Of Snow

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Rhón By Pyrography Completed

The first person in history to be born and raised in the coldest place on earth, Antarctica, Deneige Blanchet has never been outdoors in warm temperatures.

For sixteen years, her mother-a brilliant but eccentric scientist-has kept her isolated from the world in an abandoned research station on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Deneige has never set foot on a grassy lawn or seen real-life trees or animals before, or worn summer clothes and felt hot sunlight on her skin, or listened to the sounds of busy streets or music or a handsome young man's whispers.

But all of that is about to change . . . 

Tragic circumstances force Deneige to leave her icy home and travel far north to a strange and sun-scorched land called California. There she meets her father for the first time, as well as two siblings and a stepmom-a family who Deneige has no clue how to relate to. The climate is too hot, the cities are too crowded, and high school is too cruel for a pretty, naive teenager whose whole life has been spent sheltered from all social scenes. Like an alien, Deneige feels out of place among her peers, and practically marooned in a landscape that's so otherworldly to her that it seems like a new planet altogether.

Worse, no one understands the nature of her mother's secret research, or the blood-chilling experiments that she conducted on her only daughter. There's something different about Deneige. Can she ever truly belong in a world she's never been a part of? Or is she doomed to cold and endless loneliness?

Beautiful, unique, and delicately crafted, Of Snow will fall gently on your heart and your imagination.