Yes, My Lady (Ciel X Reader)

Yes, My Lady (Ciel X Reader)

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pastelvibe By pastelvibe Updated Aug 19, 2016

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first ever fanfiction, and I guess my first story that I haven't been forced to write at school. These are all my ideas and I promise I'm actually going to finish this story! (I usually start stories at home but get half-way through and forget about them or get writers block and stop... *^*) Now, I just want to get a few things clear before we start. Firstly, I use proper grammar and spelling unless I'm corrected by the device I'm on (stupid autocorrect). Secondly, to avoid confusion, I will tell you now that the story is set in modern day (2014). And thirdly, this is what these things mean:

1. y/n means your (first) name.

2. m/n means middle name.

3. s/n means surname.

4. y/m/n means your mother's name.

5. y/f/n means your father's name.

6. h/l means hair length.

7. h/c means hair colour.

8. m/h/c means your mother' hair colour.

9. e/c means eye colour.

10. s/c means skin colour (sorry if you think I'm being racist, I'm not, I only mean how pale y...

I_is_CJ_Rose I_is_CJ_Rose Sep 19, 2017
I wore my mom's heels alot when i was younger and despite how clumsy i am, i can walk pretty normally...
I_is_CJ_Rose I_is_CJ_Rose Sep 19, 2017
Trancy. Corrina-Jane Rosalie Astara Lolita Trancy. Fight me bruh.
I_is_CJ_Rose I_is_CJ_Rose Sep 19, 2017
IM BROWN ALL AROUN' legit look like a mixture of Moana and Lilo lol, its a pacific islander thing.
onlinefun onlinefun Apr 12, 2017
Would it offend you if I mentioned the typos so you can fix em?
hulloitmeh hulloitmeh May 09, 2016
if i had to wear the dress code hmmmmm........ a white and black checkered suit top a scarlet red tie with  black checkers red combat boots -if there is such a thing- and black and white shorts :D cause theres no way in hell id wear a skirt
Miko_Vanilla Miko_Vanilla Jun 27, 2016
Lol,we're exactly the same,I'd probably write this before writing up a story cuz a lot of readers(like me)-of course- would ask what some words mean0_o