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Yes, My Lady (Ciel X Reader)

Yes, My Lady (Ciel X Reader)

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pastelvibe By pastelvibe Updated Aug 19, 2016

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first ever fanfiction, and I guess my first story that I haven't been forced to write at school. These are all my ideas and I promise I'm actually going to finish this story! (I usually start stories at home but get half-way through and forget about them or get writers block and stop... *^*) Now, I just want to get a few things clear before we start. Firstly, I use proper grammar and spelling unless I'm corrected by the device I'm on (stupid autocorrect). Secondly, to avoid confusion, I will tell you now that the story is set in modern day (2014). And thirdly, this is what these things mean:

1. y/n means your (first) name.

2. m/n means middle name.

3. s/n means surname.

4. y/m/n means your mother's name.

5. y/f/n means your father's name.

6. h/l means hair length.

7. h/c means hair colour.

8. m/h/c means your mother' hair colour.

9. e/c means eye colour.

10. s/c means skin colour (sorry if you think I'm being racist, I'm not, I only mean how pale y...

onlinefun onlinefun Apr 12
Would it offend you if I mentioned the typos so you can fix em?
hulloitmeh hulloitmeh May 09, 2016
if i had to wear the dress code hmmmmm........ a white and black checkered suit top a scarlet red tie with  black checkers red combat boots -if there is such a thing- and black and white shorts :D cause theres no way in hell id wear a skirt
Miko_Vanilla Miko_Vanilla Jun 27, 2016
Lol,we're exactly the same,I'd probably write this before writing up a story cuz a lot of readers(like me)-of course- would ask what some words mean0_o
mslucyheartfilia mslucyheartfilia Jan 18, 2015
no no no you are not being racist you are being considerate to people with a different skin color because seeing only pale isn't exactly exciting
iiwaizumi iiwaizumi Nov 02, 2014
??? How is that racist its the exact opposite. Thanks for being considerate about people with different skin colour i wad kind of tired of seeing writers put in 'pale skin' in reader inserts ^°^
NerdyToast1177 NerdyToast1177 Jul 04, 2014
Sometimes I think Sebastian just stands at a window looking out, and when he sees a coach pull up he runs to the door and waits until they're close xD