Corruption and Blight

Corruption and Blight

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Kelvin stephens-witt By KSWitt Updated Apr 16, 2018

Our story takes place in a present timeline with a reaper named Max, a University student who was trained by the Regalion secret service from the age of 10. He completed his training after 2 years, excelling further than the other kids. This was due in part to certain abilities he has that even he cannot explain. Max goes to University with the Regalion falsifying his records, this is to give him a sense of normalcy as well as for him to be out in the field. 

Max's life is thrown into chaos however when a girl approaches him knowing him to be a reaper and asking for his aid. This sends Max, the girl, and the two beings who accompany him a fallen angel tethered to his soul and a Daemon tethered to a lantern that Max keeps with him at all times. 

The group of them are thrust into a world of intrigue, deceit and corruption as they race to find the Godforsaken, powerful beings forsaken by the gods themselves, for being harbingers of the end of the world.

  • assassin
  • corruption
  • decite
  • forsaken
  • gods
  • holy
  • intrigue
  • journey
  • powers
  • reaper
  • unholy